Swordplay LA’s Prices

Swordplay LA wants to make it easy for you to fence. That's why we proudly offer the most affordable fencing classes and private lessons in the Los Angeles and Burbank, California areas.

Membership Dues

Students can access our facility, equipment, and services by paying a walk-in fee each time they visit the club or by paying membership dues at the beginning of the month.

Our Unlimited Membership is our most popular and offers the greatest value.


Private Fencing Lessons

Our private lessons are paid for by the half-hour:

  • Regular Private Fencing Lessons: $25.00

  • Competition Private Fencing Lesson: $33.00

  • Semi-Private Fencing Lesson: $19 per student

Anyone who takes a private lesson will pay one of those prices. Non-members have to pay the $30 additional walk-in fee, but members only have to pay the price of the lesson.

Intermediate/Advanced Fencing Classes

Intermediate/Advanced Fencing Classes are paid for by the half-hour ($15/half-hour), and you only have to pay for the amount of time that you attended. And if you do the entire class, you get the last half-hour free plus a twenty minute private session with the instructor!

Stage Combat Training

All of our stage combat services are provided a la carte. Talk to the office to find out which of our instructors are available to provide stunt fight training.

  • 1 Hour Weapons Training Classes: $25

  • Private Lessons: $40/Half-Hour

  • Semi-Private Lessons: $60/Half-Hour


Our students get the most out of their training when they don't miss lessons. But we understand that life happens, so we won't charge you any late fees if you contact us at least 24 hours in advance to cancel a private lesson. We'll also waive our cancellation fee if you miss a lesson due to an illness or personal emergency.

Otherwise, all cancellations made the day of a pre-scheduled private lesson require a $15 charge.

Whether you’ve just done your free trial lesson or you’ve been with us a while, discount packages are available for you.

Call OR EMAIL the office today to learn more!