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Epee private lesson at Swordplay LA fencing school.

Private Training at Swordplay LA

When you sign up for private fencing lessons at Swordplay LA, you get to train your way.

 If you want your instructor to push your fitness levels, they can do that. If you want to leverage your private fencing lessons to compete in fencing tournaments, they can help you do that as well. But generally speaking, you can expect our fencing coaches to help you:

●      Acquire new fencing techniques

●      Perfect the techniques you already know

●      Bolster your pre-existing strengths

●      Overcome bad fencing habits

 We advise having a particular fencing coach in mind and contacting us at least 24 hours in advance. If you’re not sure who you want to work with or your preferred coach’s schedule doesn’t match up with yours, one of Swordplay LA’s office managers will happily recommend a substitute.

Meet Our Fencing Coaches

Preparing For Your Private Lesson at Swordplay LA

Always plan on showing up early! That will ensure you get a good parking spot, but you’ll also be able to stretch and warm-up before your private lesson. Warming up beforehand means that your coach can get right into the meat of the lesson.

You’ll get out of your private lessons what you put into them, so it’s a great idea to come prepared with one or two things that you really want to work on with your coach. And don’t forget to bring plenty of water before taking off for your private lesson!

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Fencing lesson with Sam Signorelli at Swordplay LA fencing school


Our private lessons are paid for by the half-hour:

●      Regular Private Fencing Lessons: $25.00

●      Competition Private Fencing Lesson: $33.00

●      Semi-Private Fencing Lesson: $19 per student

Semi-private lessons include at least two students and one instructor.

Students who pay monthly dues only have to pay those prices when they walk into the school. Non-members must pay an additional $25 floor fee on top of the private lesson fees.

Visit our Pricing Page for our complete list of pricing.

Sign Up

You can contact the office to schedule your next private lesson, or you can hit the button below to book online!

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