Swordplay LA Summer Camps

My son just completed fencing camp here and he had so much fun. He is hooked on fencing now and wants to take more classes.
— Yvette B
Swordplay has an awesome summer camp program. My son loves their Jedi camp. The instructors are amazing and the kids love it.
— Quin K
Fencing Summer Camps by Swordplay LA

Fencing Camps (Ages 7-14)

Jump into en garde! Whether your kid is a first-time duelist or a practiced fencer, they’ll have a ton of fun while they sharpen their skills on the piste. We teach our students through a combination of exercises, games, and sparring in a facility that has been optimized for the sport. Each fencing camp ends with a tournament and plenty of smiles.

Jedi Group Pic.png

Jedi Academy Camps (Ages 4-7)

Activate those lightsabers and don your Jedi robes! We’ll help your younglings hone their agility, reflexes, strength, focus, and basic fencing techniques. Each youngling will receive a Force Sensitive Crystal and put on a play demonstrating their new skills once camp is over. By the end of the week, they’ll be ready to save the galaxy from the First Order!