Swordplay LA Summer Camps

My son just completed fencing camp here and he had so much fun. He is hooked on fencing now and wants to take more classes.
— Yvette B
Swordplay has an awesome summer camp program. My son loves their Jedi camp. The instructors are amazing and the kids love it.
— Quin K
Fencing Summer Camps by Swordplay LA

Beginner Fencing Camps (Ages 8-14, $370/kid)

Jump into en garde! Whether your kid is a first-time duelist or a practiced fencer, they’ll have a ton of fun while they sharpen their skills on the piste during our one-week fencing camps. We teach our students through a combination of exercises, games, and sparring in a facility that has been optimized for the sport. Each fencing camp ends with a tournament and plenty of smiles.

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Advanced Fencing Camps (All Ages 8+, $100/person)

Take your game to the next level! Our one-day fencing camps are specifically designed for competitive fencers of any age and experience level. By the end of the camp, you’ll have a tailored training plan that will transform you into a powerful competitive force on the strip.

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Jedi Academy Camps (Ages 4-7, $390/kid)

Activate those lightsabers and don your Jedi robes! We’ll help your younglings hone their agility, reflexes, strength, focus, and basic fencing techniques. Each youngling will receive a Force Sensitive Crystal and put on a play demonstrating their new skills once camp is over. By the end of the week, they’ll be ready to save the galaxy from the First Order!

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Why Swordplay LA Summer Camps?

We Keep Your Kids Active: Swordplay LA’s summer camps keep your kid moving with fun, creative activities that bolster their imagination as well as their heart rate. They won’t even realize how much physical activity they are exerting because of how much fun they are having!

They’ll Make New Friends: When your child comes to camp, they get the chance to meet and interact with a variety of students from all over the Burbank, Glendale, Pasadena, and Greater Los Angeles area. It’s the perfect opportunity to make a new friend they never knew existed! Having to work together for games and activities also helps teach social awareness and seeing different perspectives from people who they may have never met before.

They’ll Remember Everything: Repetition is the key to mastering any new skill. By taking a 5 day camp, your kid will get an unforgettable crash course. Within a day, they will be able to move past the fundamentals and get right into the fun, action part of the sport.

It Gets Them Out Of Your Hair: You love your kids, but sometimes you need a little break. With school out you need to find something to keep your kids occupied without driving yourself insane. Instead of letting them sword fight in the living room, send them to Swordplay LA where they can actually learn how to use those swords properly!

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