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Fencing Equipment Gear & Rentals

Swordplay LA provides new students with all the necessary fencing and safety equipment as part of their membership and group fencing class fees.

You must have your own equipment to participate in fencing competitions. It is recommended that fencers purchase their own fencing equipment for their health, safety, and comfort.

Fencing Equipment

When purchasing and fitting fencing equipment, the fencer should be adequately protected and the uniform should allow freedom of movement to properly perform the necessary skills. You do not need to buy the most expensive equipment for your child to be protected and enjoy the sport. Your child does not need to own FIE equipment; FIE equipment is only required for international events.

Taking care of your equipment will allow it to last longer and give you the biggest bang for your buck.

The following is a list of minimum required equipment for a tournament. Make sure your child has the necessary equipment. Don’t go to any event with non‐working weapons.

•    Mask (sewn‐in bib, must pass 12K punch test)

•    Underarm protector

•    Chest Protector (mandatory for women)

•    Jacket (no holes, must close in back or opposite weapon arm)

•    Lamé

•    Knickers (no holes, must close in back or opposite weapon arm, must be overlapped by jacket by at least four inches.)

•    Glove (Must cover approximately half the forearm)

•    Long socks (white, must reach bottom of your knickers‐soccer socks work well)

•    Fencing shoes or sneakers

•    Minimum two working weapons (epees must pass weight and shim test)

•    Y10 fencers must use weapons with blades that are no longer than 32.5 inches. This includes both genders, and all three weapons.

•    Minimum two working body cords

•    Fencing bag (to carry your equipment in)

•    Water Bottle

•    Towel and plastic bag to hold wet equipment

•    Tool Kit (screwdrivers for tip and pommel, spare screws, springs, Allen wrenches, small white cloth to use at base, small magnet, flashlight)

•    Test Box and weight and shims will help avoid penalties on the strip for non-working equipment

Although Swordplay, we have plenty of gear to supply when taking lessons and classes. They are worked into our monthly dues for an affordable price!

Filming & Equipment Rentals

Our facility is open to filming, studio, and gear rentals. Please call 818-566-1777 or email with any questions regarding our rates. Swordplay LA has been featured in numerous television shows, web series, movies and reality TV.

Our studio space includes:

●      One Large Room 48’ x 31’

●      One Small Room 18’ x 37’

●      16 foot high ceilings

●      Sky lights for lightsource

●      Mirrors along the wall in the large room

●      Central Air

●      Foldable Chairs & Benches Seating

●      Two Bathrooms

●      Gated Parking Lot

Location & Facility Rentals

The Swordplay LA location and facility is available for birthday parties and special events. The facility may also be rented for filming and related events.

For availability and pricing, please contact us at 818-566-1777 or