Stage Combat Training

Stage Combat Training, Swordplay LA

Is training in fencing necessary to stage combat? 

Some of the world's earliest and most renowned fight choreographers were olympic level fencers. Ralph Faulkner (Captain Blood), William Hobbs (The Three Musketeers), and Bob Anderson (Star Wars & Princess Bride) were all fight choreographers and sword masters who trained and worked with famous swordsmen such as Errol Flynn, Tyrone Power,and Basil Rathbone to create cinematic history with memorable movie duels. Early actors who wanted to train in stage combat were required to learn sport fencing. Learning the fundamentals of fencing allowed for precision and awareness of the body through practiced movements to create an authentic and emotional fight.

Today, actors who learn stage combat are not required to learn fencing but those that do can adapt to stage combat choreography quickly and smoothly. The cross over is in distance, timing, targets, and footwork. Training in sport fencing will give actors that extra edge of body awareness and focus while preparing them for long days on set.

Whether you are performing fight choreography or fencing for the final touch, it all comes down to staying focused on the task at hand and completing the necessary movements thoroughly and whole-heartedly!

Who’s it for?

Stage combat is for anyone looking to physically challenge themselves and safely learn fun fight choreography. Actors are also encouraged to participate as they may encounter fight choreography on set at some point in their career.

How to Get Started?

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