Knights of the Roundtable

Fencing Classes For Kids By Swordplay LA Fencing School

Young kids fencing at Swordplay LA fencing school.

Knights of the Roundtable are specialized fencing classes just for kids aged 4-8. Our young squires will master the fundamentals of fencing so that, once they’re old enough, they can start training with any weapon and be a powerful competitive force.

How these fencing classes work

In the Knights of the Roundtable Program, young knights will move through four levels of mastership — from Golden Knight to Green Knight to Blue Knight, and, finally, to Purple Knight. Each level will require different levels of achievement and will be rewarded with a “coat of arms” banner, which will be worn on as an armband over fencing equipment.

Your Path to the Roundtable

Golden Knight

  • Learn basic footwork (advance, retreat, lunge, en garde, salute)

  • Learn the basic historical beginning of fencing as a sport

  • Learn to put away your own gear and how to minimize damage to equipment and clothing

  • Learn basic fencing safety rules

  • Learn fencing before and after a bout (shaking hands, director acknowledgment, team support, etc.)

Age-appropriate fencing training for little kids at Swordplay LA.

Green Knight

  • Successful completion of Level 1 responsibilities

  • You must be able get suited up by yourself and be able to identify all gear by name

  • You must successfully demonstrate the 4 main parries and targets

  • You must successfully learn to name and explain differences between the three weapons

  • You must successfully identify all apparatus used in a bout and learn the various bout disciplinary measures that can be taken by a director

Blue Knight

  • Successful completion of Levels 1 & 2

  • You must successfully learn two actions that can be used to score within a bout

  • You must show support for fellow Knights by respecting others during their bouts

  • You must be an assistant referee for 10 bouts

  • You must be able to name and point to the targets for all three weapons

  • You must research and report on an Olympic level bout

Purple Knight

Fencing at Swordplay LA gives kids confidence!
  • Successful completion of Levels 1, 2 & 3

  • You must help Level 1 Knights suit up with their gear after you suit up with your own gear

  • You must successfully complete your understanding of six actions, then demonstrate your understanding by using them to score during a bout

  • You must fence a bout in each weapon

  • You must complete your point control challenge designated by the Instructor

  • You must encourage the sportsmanship of fencing and positively support others during their bouts

Once your kid has achieved the rank of Purple Knight, they are free to transition into into private lessons and regular fencing classes upon completion!

Who’s it For?

These fencing classes are perfect for kids aged 4-8 who are looking for a fun and exciting introduction into the world of fencing.

Kids who want to track their progress will love these fencing classes. Earning “coat of arms” patches as they move through the 4 levels of mastership provides a great sense of accomplishment.

Schedule and Pricing

We currently offer two Knights of the Roundtable slots on our class schedule:

Friday, 4:00-5:00 pm
Saturday, 9:00-10:00am

If you’re just trying it out, you can pay a $33 drop-in fee. But if you want to commit, we recommend getting a $118 Unlimited Classes Membership so you don’t have to pay every time you attend a class.

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