Corporate Team Building

Fencing Classes For Your Team By Swordplay LA

Fencing training at Swordplay LA is the perfect team building activity.

Normal Team Building Kinda Sucks

Let’s be honest: nobody really likes standard corporate team building activities. They’re either boring, cheesy, unoriginal, or don’t truly help your employees. A fun corporate team building experience should keep your employees physically and mentally engaged, challenge them to think in new ways, and enable them to be more productive.

Fencing classes = The Perfect Team Building Sport

Fencing engages both mind and body because executing its techniques requires quick thinking and physical discipline. A fencing class is a memorable experience that will teach employees to immerse themselves in their activities, get their brains out of self-imposed ruts, and help them master skills that are crucial for their typical workday, such as:

Critical Thinking - Strategizing - Teamwork - Communication - Resilience - Time Management - Courage - Integrity - Dependability - Confidence - Positive Thinking - Respect - Leadership

It was fun learning as a group, being physically active with colleagues, and laughing a lot together!
— Matthew Harris, Rocky Mountain College of Art & Design
Swordplay LA corporate team building is perfect for big groups and small groups.
Team fencing game during a corporate fencing class at Swordplay LA fencing school

Team Building Fencing Classes With Swordplay LA

Swordplay LA’s corporate team building fencing classes are perfect for medium to large businesses in Los Angeles, Burbank, and the surrounding areas:

  • Super Convenient: We can come to you, or you can come to us -- we’ll also handle photo ops!

  • Flexible Scheduling: Hour-and-a-half, half-day, and full-day programs available.

  • Completely Bespoke: Tell us what you want to focus on. We can even incorporate your brand’s elements into the program.

  • Entirely Safe: We provide all the fencing gear and teach safety rules first and foremost.

  • Beginner Friendly: Swordplay LA’s coaches love teaching first-time fencers!

  • Trustworthy Experience: Swordplay LA fencing school has been around since 1992, and all our coaches have competitive experience.

    Getting Started

    Start planning your corporate team building fencing class with Swordplay LA today! Just click the button below to fill out our Client Questionnaire. One of our staff members will get in touch with you to set up your team building event.