Swordplay LA wants to make it easy for you to fence. That's why we proudly offer the most affordable fencing classes and private lessons in the Los Angeles and Burbank, California areas. Keep reading to learn about what we have to offer.

Membership Dues

Membership dues allow you to use the club and our equipment during our operating hours. They also allow you to take lessons without having to pay a floor fee. We even have monthly payment plans that allow you to take as many Beginner/Intermediate Fencing Classes as you want.

●      Unlimited Class Membership: $110

●      Unlimited Class "Buddies" Membership: $90.00

●      Standard Non-Class Membership: $60.00

●      Standard Non-Class "Buddies" Membership: $50.00 

If you want to try an hour-long class before committing to the unlimited membership, you can pay a $30 walk-in fee to participate.

Private Fencing Lessons

Our private lessons are paid for by the half-hour:

●      Regular Private Fencing Lessons: $22.00

●      Competition Private Fencing Lesson: $30.00

●      Semi-Private Fencing Lesson: $17 per student

Students who pay monthly dues only have to pay those prices when they walk into the studio. Non-members must pay an additional $20 floor fee on top of the private lesson fees.

Intermediate/Advanced Fencing Classes

Intermediate/Advanced Fencing Classes are paid for by the half-hour ($13/half-hour), and you only have to pay for the amount of time that you attended. And if you do the entire class, you get the last half-hour free plus a twenty minute private session with the instructor!

Students who take our Intermediate/Advanced Fencing Classes are exempt from paying monthly dues if their total monthly attendance adds up to at least $60. Otherwise, they’ll be charged the remainder of the dues.

Open Fencing Sessions

Club members — including those who take the Intermediate/Advanced classes — can participate in open fencing for free. Non-members can participate by paying a $20 floor fee.

Training Packages for Fencers*

New Fencers

If you recently learned how to fence with us, you get to take four private lessons at a discounted rate. And if you want to fence with other people, we offer training packages that allow you to take classes at a discounted rate.

Solo Packages

Bronze Package: 4 Private Lessons ($50) + First Month’s Dues ($60) = $110

 Silver Package: 4 Private Lessons ($50) + Dues for Two Beginner Classes ($85) = $135

 Gold Package: 4 Private Lessons ($50) + Discounted Dues for Unlimited Beginner Classes ($95) = $145

Buddy Packages

Best Friends Package (2 students): 4 Semi-Private Lessons ($76) + First Month’s Dues ($100) = $176

 Musketeers Package (3+ students): 4 Semi-Private Lessons ($17/person) + First Month’s Dues ($12/person) = Varies

Recurring Students

Fencers learn and improve best when they take private lessons and classes. That's why we provide Training Packages that you can take advantage of whether you've been with us for five weeks or five years.

 When you schedule four private lessons for the entire month, you'll get to take our fencing classes at a discount. We've even scaled them to correspond with your skill level and ambitions.

Solo Packages

Intermediate Package: 4 Private Lessons/Month > $98 Unlimited Class Membership

 Advanced Package: 4 Private Lessons/Month > Discounted Training Class ($22/Hour or $49.84 Whole Class)

 Competitive Package: 4 Competition Lessons/Month > Discounted Training Class ($20/Hour or $47.24 Whole Class)

Buddy Packages

Best Friends Package (2 students): 4 Semi-Private Lessons/Month > $80/Person Unlimited Class Membership

 Musketeers Package (3+ students): 4 Semi-Private Lessons/Month > $75/Person Unlimited Class Membership


*Students may only use one discount package or deal at a time.

Stage Combat Training

Tim Weske -- owner of Action Events LA and the Hollywood Actors Combat Academy -- provides stage combat training sessions at our facility.

●      1 Hour Weapons Training Classes: $25

●      Private Lessons: $110 Per Hour

●      Semi-Private Lessons: $160 Per Hour


Our students get the most out of their training when they don't miss lessons. But we understand that life happens, so we won't charge you any late fees if you contact us at least 24 hours in advance to cancel a private lesson. We'll also waive our cancellation fee if you miss a lesson due to an illness or personal emergency. Otherwise, all cancellations made the day of a pre-scheduled private lesson require a $15 charge.